Just as we can help shape your succes, we can help shape your beam.

These are optical devices that filter light rays so that only rays traveling in a specified direction are allowed through. They are manufactured in many forms, but their basic structure consists of a lens and an optical fiber. Collimators can be singlemode or multimode, and their diameters can be as small as a fiber or as large as hundreds of millimeters.

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CeramOptec’s® collimators and focusing devices (beam-shaping) for optical systems are ideal for UV to NIR applications, and can be used with most assemblies or bundles. Our unique design is available in three convenient sizes that can accommodate nearly any size fiber: Small - for fibers up to 400 microns; Medium - for fibers up to 800 microns; and Large - for larger fibers. Our Medium and Large collimators and focusing devices are compatible with each other.

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