Our customers choose CeramOptec® feedthroughs because for them, failure isn't an option.

OPTICAL FIBER FEEDTHROUGH Feedthroughs seal an optical fiber within a metal sleeve. The fiber is held in a fixed position with a glass-to-metal seal.

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CeramOptec's® pressure and vacuum feedthroughs are available in multiple configurations for various sized fibers. They offer exceptional reliability and smooth operation for even the most demanding applications.

Because CeramOptec’s® multi-purpose fibers are of superior quality, they can be used in a diverse range of applications. Your options are virtually limitless. Manufactured to your specifications, vacuum feedthroughs are available in unlimited cell, flange, and port designs, and are ideal for a wide range of wavelengths. Our fibers are at work in everything from drug enforcement and homeland security to precise medical processes like brain stent delivery.

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