PowerLightGuide Fused-End Bundles

Fused end bundles

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Leading the Way in Long-Term Performance

CeramOptec®'s in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA fused-end PowerLightGuide bundles set the benchmark for consistently high long-term performance. Tested for well over 40,000 continuous, unfiltered hours, our PowerLightGuide bundles exhibit level, steady transmission at 95% of the original input!

Traditionally, bundle transmission level has been limited by NA and the packing factor of the active fiber core area. While maintaining the fibers' NA, CeramOptec's® in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA PowerLightGuide fused-end bundles typically increase transmission by 50%! Used in applications with temperatures as high as 600°C, PowerLightGuides are the most advanced fiber bundles available today.

A Solid Solution for UV Spectroscopy and Liquid Light Guides

PowerLightGuide fused-end bundles offer a distinct advantage over liquid light guides because they offer exceptional throughput for wavelengths ranging from 190 to 2400 nm - without solarization. Unlike liquid light guides, our new PowerLightGuides are available in unlimited lengths and will not leak or deteriorate over time.

Our ability to integrate high NA (0.28 and 0.37), fused ends, and other technologies allows bundle transmission to typically be 50% higher than any other manufacturer of silica UV fiber products.


Industrial / Scientific

  • Replacement for UV Liquid Light Guides
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensors
  • Photolithography
  • Laser welding / soldering / marking
  • Laser delivery
  • Nuclear plasma diagnostics
  • Analytical instruments
  • Laser diode pigtailing
  • Pyrometry
  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Illumination and Monitoring
  • Curing
  • Super High Temperature Applications


  • Medical diagnostics
  • Laser delivery
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Medical Treatments such as UV Psoriasis Treatment

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